Undergraduate Parking

All students may buy contract parking in one of the following lots: West Resident Lot, West Commuter Lots, South Stadium Lot, Greenbriar Lot, or, provided space is available, the Central Campus Garage – lower level B2. Only one vehicle is permitted per student. Contract Parking Rates are determined by lot location. Upperclassmen acquire places in North Colleges Lots and South Colleges Lots through college jacks. Students who do not acquire parking in the college lots may put their name on a waitlist for when a spot becomes available.

Students with contract parking may park in their lot during weekdays and in specified additional faculty/staff lots after hours, on weekends, and on University holidays. Please refer to the Permit Rights page for more details on after-hours parking. Please note that University holidays are different from those that students have as academic days off, breaks, or holidays. Specifically, the following are not University holidays:

  • O-Week
  • Fall Break
  • Quiet Weeks
  • Finals Week
  • Academic Winter Recess
  • Spring Break
  • Summer Break
  • And other days classes are not taught

For more information, please refer to the Staff Holiday Calendar.