Waitlist Q&A

Q: Why is there a waitlist for Parking?

A: While we attempt to do our best to accommodate everyone's first choice, some of our more popular premium lots have limited vacancies that require our department to keep waitlists for.

Q: How do I get on the waitlist for a specific lot?

A: Students and Employees may add their name to the waitlists for the lots of their choice online. Colleges use a lottery system called a "jack" to assign premium spaces, which students may add their names to once they reach upperclassmen status. Students who aren't awarded a spot in a college lot may put their name on a waitlist that is maintained by the Parking Department and refreshed each year.

Q: How long is the wait for a spot?

A: Wait times for parking spots will vary and depend on the demand for the lot. The more sought after lots, such as Lovett, may have a waiting time as long as two years. Others, like the college lots, may be able to move new customers in after as short as a semester. Customers are welcome to contact the Parking Department to check the status of their position on a waitlist.

Q: How will I know if I was moved off of the waitlist?

A: When a waitlist spot opens up the Rice Parking Department will contact the next person on the list for that respective lot. The individual then has ten days to accept the new spot and register in the Parking Registration Office. After ten days the spot will be relinquished and offered to the next person on the list.