Faculty and Staff Parking

Subject to space availability, faculty and staff may contract a maximum of two vehicles (fee for the second vehicle waived) in the following lots:

  • Central Campus Garage (B2, lower level)
  • Bioscience Research Collaborative Garage (B2, or lower levels)
  • Entrance 3 Garage
  • Premium lots: Facilities and Engineering Lot, Biology/Geology Lot, Campanile Lot, Lovett North Lot, Lovett South Lot, North Lot, and Keck Lot. Please note that there is a small section of Lovett South Lot parking around the Cohen House that is reserved for Lovett South permits only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These spaces are marked or signed.
  • Close-in lots: West Lot 2, Greenbriar Annex, and Lot 6.
  • West Lots 3, 4, 5
  • South Stadium Lot
  • Greenbriar Lot

Only one registered car is allowed to park in a contract lot at a time. All other registered cars must be parked in paid visitor parking. Contract Parking Rates are determined by lot location.

Permitted lots at full capacity will have waiting lists. Individuals who wish to wait for a spot in such lots may add their name to the lists.

Faculty and staff who live or work in the colleges may contract for North College Lot or South College Lot when a college gives up a space. Respective fees will apply.

Employees with contract parking may park in their lot during weekdays and in specified additional faculty/staff lots after hours, on weekends, and on University holidays. Please refer to the Permit Rights page for more details on after-hours parking. Please note that University holidays are different from those that students have as academic days off, breaks, or holidays. Specifically, the following are not University holidays:

  • O-Week
  • Fall Break
  • Quiet Weeks
  • Finals Week
  • Winter Recess
  • Spring Break
  • Summer Break
  • And other days classes are not taught

For more information, please refer to the Staff Holiday Calendar.

Special parking arrangements have been made for faculty and staff spouses and partners who visit the Rice University campus regularly. The faculty or staff members may purchase – at a reduced cost – a second proximity card for use by his or her spouse/partner when visiting the campus. Faculty or staff may purchase parking for a spouse/partner on a yearly basis in one of several lots, or the garage.